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Welcome to Anna and Alivi. I'm Alisha: Coffee lover, hair bow maker, and web designer.

I’m a mom. I’m also a photographer with a 4 year old daughter that needs cute clothes for all our photos. 

I know the struggle of trying to find what to wear for family photos. So I set out to create a place where they could be found and created Anna and Alivi (my kids came up with the name! My son came up with the name Alivi and we went with it).

I sought neutral colors in soft fabrics that are easy on the budget. Fun pieces with embroidered rainbows. Baby outfits that show off cute chubby legs. Small details of lace and some ruffles. Clothes that are pretty but not so attention grabbing they take away from the people in the photos. 

I also created bows at an Etsy shop of the same name, and decided to combine the two.

This is a great space to look for cute photoshoot outfits, or just something fun to wear to the park. On many products you will find that I give recommendations on clothes I feel would be great for family photos.

We’re glad you are here! Thank you for supporting a mom and pop business!  

About Alisha of Anna and Alivi
Me and my sweet little Anna

We partner with several companies in the United States and overseas. We are based out of Paducah, Kentucky.

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